Management Services

Security By Design can provide aggressive and thoroughly professional management for your security project.

Explaining the Security Universe

Since SBD does not sell, install, or service security systems or security technology, we maintain an unbiased approach to evaluating all the security technology available in the marketplace.

We are well positioned to answer these questions such as:

  • "What can I expect this security technology to do for my organization?"
  • "Are there other options available?"
  • "What are the costs and benefits of competing systems or technologies?"

On staff we have:

  • 2 consultants that have been awarded the prestigious Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • 5 consultants with decades of experience

Security Contract Project Management

Security By Design is prepared to provide aggressive and thoroughly professional management to your security project.

  • Projects are effectively planned, tracked, and budgeted from concept through installation and activation.
  • Critical path milestones are established and monitored.
  • Project progress meetings are scheduled and convened at appropriate time intervals to insure timely progress review and effective coordination.
  • Progress meeting notes are developed and distributed.
  • Action items and the responsible agencies are identified in the notes and receive conscientious follow-up using suspense dates and attention to detail to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Technical Support

We will provide technical support addressing a client's unique or routine security problem in a timely manner.

This support can range from identifying a range of security system options and accompanying budgetary impacts, or recommending changes to existing management policies and procedures so that existing systems can be more effectively used.

Our consultants have decades of experience in a wide range of government, commercial, and industrial security operations. We want to place this broad experience in your hands.

Information Support

In order to provide the necessary technical support for our projects and our clients, we maintain a large technical library and vendor file that address all aspects of the available security technology.

These reference resources provide a comprehensive information base from which we can provide advice and guidance to meet the most stringent technical challenges.

We maintain a continuous watch over evolving technology to ensure that we are always abreast of the dynamic security technology marketplace.

This internal and external SBD information collecting process permits us to serve you in a timely, and more importantly, highly informed manner.