ASSIST Testing

planning The ASSIST Testing Tool provides a structured process that helps document the functional testing of any installed security infrastructure. As an added benefit, when an installation is tested with the ASSIST Testing Tool, there is a time-stamped record of each test, the person doing the testing, and the results of the test. Each logical point in the installation is required to include strategic photographs. The result of a completed system installation test is an installation that has high integrity and excellent documentation of the actual work.

With projects that span multiple sites and potentially multiple countries, management of projects is difficult and expensive. By utilizing the ASSIST Testing Tool, it is possible for a centralized qualified person to assess the progress of an installation and sign-off work without traveling to each location. Multi-site reports of the progress of the work provide percentages of testing progress. Any site can be looked at in detail, showing which points have completed the test process, which test questions for a specific location have been completed, what the installation looks like including door hardware, wiring, camera views, and more. Once the process is completed, the system owner will have a complete plan, with definition at each location, and a good image record of the work. This is invaluable if and when, at some point, there is a question or problem at that particular location.

CAD plan files are interactively linked to a test for each point. The tests and photos that are required are specific to the type of physical security point.

Where good cellular service or WIFI is available, ASSIST supports an app based tool that allows the technician to use a phone or tablet to do the full testing and photo documentation while physically at each point. If that is not easily accomplished, then pictures can be taken and uploaded to the web site. The same API supports both the web site and the app.

While there is a cost from the integrator for actually fully testing and documenting their work, that effort is an extremely important element of a successful project. There is short explanation of the extent of the testing process that the ASSIST Testing Tool has available. When putting a set of bid documents out to a set of integrators, the testing requirement can be written into the bid documents in such a way that ASSIST can show bidder compliance and the time stamp that will show that the contractor is fully aware of the extent of the testing.