planning The ASSIST Survey Tool provides a simple method to document complex existing conditions. While the process varies, it is equally valuable when surveying locations that do not have a security infrastructure as it is when learning the state and nuances of an existing security installation.

Organizations that have grown organically often have many sites that were put together over multiple decades in multiple countries. It is not uncommon to see these same organizations also grow through mergers and acquisitions. Often there is very little knowledge of these disparate sites and systems. The ASSIST Survey Tool provides a platform to gather this knowledge and position it to allow detailed analysis of each point at each site. Management can enhance their decision processes.

The ASSIST team will position the available site and floor plans using existing available data. In the extreme case, an image of an egress drawing has been used. Scalable plan graphics allow accurate plan rendition, even on a smart phone.

A local surveyor, which could be an end user, office manager, or a seasoned integration contractor, will go to each location that is indicated, take a specific set of pictures, and answer basic questions about the opening or camera location. The types of points typically include cameras, access doors, alarmed doors, alarm sensors, intercoms, and virtually any other field point. The required survey also includes locations where these points gather, such as panels, switches, and NVRs. The ASSIST Survey Tool has an automatic way to uniquely identify each location. Where there are already defined security points, each will be identified to be documented. If a location has moved, been added, or deleted, the change can be noted in the tool by moving the point on the plan, or making other appropriate notations.

Requested pictures are shown as line drawing that helps to define the camera view for each required image. Once that picture has been taken, the line drawing is replaced with the actual captured image. It is easy for the local person doing the survey to see if they have actually accounted for every formerly noted location.

In-house technical personnel at a central location, or the ASSIST team at the SBD office, can then be available to analyze the gathered data. By studying the images of each access controlled door, it is possible to determine if there are security weaknesses or life safety problems. The data can form the basis for the creation of replacement or refurbishment bid packages that are clear and concise.

Since all of this information is part of a larger, organization-wide, security infrastructure, it is a given that there will be constant change. The ASSIST Survey Tool can be used to manage each change. It will be the single best resource that documents the entire system.