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Door Objects for Access Control
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Benefits of Door Objects

There will be cost savings to the ACS manufacturer, the installing contractor, and the end user. This is a no-lose situation. The volume of software sold by large access control manufacturers is small compared to large software companies. Obviously, it is the unique functionality of Access Control Systems that allows the prices to be what they are. The ultimate cost to the manufacturer for a more flexible system would be less, based on the lack of needing to respond to the many requests for microcode fixes. The entire chain of manufacturer, installer, and user will benefit.

The time required to solve a problem will be significantly reduced. From several large manufacturers, the delay for changes in microcode has been, in some cases, greater than a year. Temporary work-arounds have been used. But, this type of delay is not comfortable for any of the parties. In other cases, the delays have been only hours or days, depending on the urgency and the profile of the job. Unfortunately, these are awkward criteria for the smaller end user who just wants the system to operate as "advertised." Since each door object is an entity, the legacy of one type of door has no relationship to a new object. The programmer of a new door object can look forward without the responsibility and cost to look back.

Long term flexibility will be greatly enhanced because each SRB will be capable of accomplishing the types of functions that are common in PLCs. It has always been awkward and costly to use PLCs to run revolving doors, mantraps, optical turnstiles, sally ports, various styles of elevator control, and the other special security portals that the industry can dream up. By allowing enough flexibility in the object design limits, each of these could be achieved within the structure of one SRB.

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