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Door Objects for Access Control
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Implementation of Door Objects in an Access Control System

  • Create and supply an initial set of door objects.
  • Each object should include the readers, inputs, and outputs that need to be assigned.
  • Each timer within the object should be set to an adjustable default, with each timer adjustable on a per door basis.
  • Each object should include all of the linking logic to tie the parts together.
  • An operator screen must be available within the main ACS application for each object. The generation of this screen is necessary when new objects are created.

Components that can be part of the object are:

      1. Readers
      2. Inputs
      3. Outputs
      4. Keypads
      5. Timers
      6. Default times
      7. Logic design
      8. Simple English operational description
      9. Name (renamable)

The components would include the logic microcode, the design presented in editable form at the head end of the system, and an implementation screen for the end user.

To add a door, the operator would pick an object from a list. The object could be presented in graphic as well as text form. Once a choice is made, the implementation screen would pop up on the monitor showing exclusively those items that apply to this type of object. All variables would show the default, with the ability to modify any of the variables. The operator could chose "auto-address" or assign the points. If there are not sufficient resources in the SRB that is chosen for the object, the system would pop up an edit that would prompt the operator to either use a different SRB with sufficient resources or add specific resources to the SRB. The operator should then be able to add the resources in software and continue on with the process. This would allow the system to be configured without any of the field hardware installed. Once configured, the hardware list could be printed out for physical installation. When the appropriate microcode information has been entered and accepted by the system, the microcode would be sent to the appropriate SRBs.

The system should be able to create several types of printouts that reflect the information that is in the system database relative to door objects. One of these would be a printout that lists all door objects with the associated points and timers for each. Obviously, other reports, such as by SRB and board within the SRB also would be critical to using and maintaining the system.

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